Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Anne and I are coming into town this evening for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will get in late tonight, but are interested in going out on Firday night if anyone is available.

Saturday, November 18, 2006



UC Law 98-er John ("Stinky") Webber got a little local press when he worked with Satan's Prosecutor in order to avoid a Grand Jury hearing in a gun-fired-in-self-defense case.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Major League Baseball Player Theme Song

If I was a professional baseball player, I would choose this song as my theme song. Under the best case scenario, I would be a big league closer and this song would play as I trotted out to the pitchers mound. I would also want the video to play on the jumbotron interspersed with clips of me striking out batters. It would be great for the crowd as well as they could chant "when the going get tough, the tough get going at the beginning." Think about it - silence and then "when the going gets tough" and the croud responds "the tough get going" followed by Billy Ocean's voice and my appearance from the bull pen.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UC Law 1998

UC Law 1998

A take on minimal standards for law school "success." I disagree with the assertions. If trained monkeys can pass the bar, why is that at all relevant to a law school's success? It would be better if Harvard grads. regularly failed. Then there would be general agreement the bar is an inane metric. Ask Moose, whose secretary is a more effective lawyer than I am.

The world should be thisly: like mental health counselors who pass some test and are able to put you on a couch, the minimum criteria for practicing law should be passing the bar. But anybody smart enough can do it. Then, law school provides you a credential that NOT everybody has. So in competition with the world of hack lawyers out there, we all call ourselves "UCLaw1998, J.D." And we command a premium for that credential just like psychologists or psychiatrists command a premium over "counselors."


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jack Trick or Treating

I took this video of Jack trick or treating. Although we went trick or treating last year, this was the first year that he actually "got it". All I had to do was show him what to do at the first house and he took over from there. Kid was a natural.

As an aside, now that I have a son, I am very much in tune with the world of Thomas the Tank Engine. Monty posted about this a fews post down the page. The two trucks he posted a picture of were named Max and Monty. Their characteristics were that they were mischievious and often got themselves into trouble. I find it ironice that the Thomas the Tank Engine comapany decribes the trucks Monty and Max axactly the same way I would describe the real life intoxicated Monty and Max. It makes me wish that there was a Clarkie tank engine that was always angry, a Lopez tank engine that was incredibly cool, a Todd tank engine that was embarassed by its ridicoulously hairless and indredibly pale wheels, a Moose tank engine that loved cats, a Brian tank engine that enjoyed sniffing the tank engine smoke, a Bud tank engine that was delicate, a Ammah tank engine that no one could understand, a Wilson tank engine that consistently randomly attacked a J-Mike Teddy Bear Distribution truck, a Doug tank military tank engine, a Hans foreign tank engine that specialized in delivering foreing pornograhophy and often lended its expensive accessories to the other tank engines.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A renegade cop. A robot renegade cop.


They ran the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's new movie last night on the Daily Show. Attempted live action of a scene from an animated movie -- pretty funny idea. Supposedly, there are going to be a couple more that will expand the story.

It reminded me of the trailer they did for the Comedian several years ago which was fantastic and worth another look.