Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time to get what's coming to us


If I recall correctly, lesson #1 at the 1998 Barbri review course was that lawyers are a litigious bunch. Example: the class action suit against Barbri.

You may already be aware of this, but if not, check out the website. It has the claim form that needs to be filled out and mailed in by September. According to the information, there is a $49 million pot, and we are each entitled to no more than 30% of what we paid. It looks like our greedy lawyers will take up to 25% of the settlement.

I have no idea how much I paid (wasn't it at least $1,000?), so I called the hotline and am expecting an answer in 3 weeks after my query is "researched."

Good stuff. I love sticking it to the man. Don't tell Nick Dinardo about this, he'll probably just donate his share to the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.


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