Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Softball Update: Loss to Shamrocks, 8-3

We're now 0-2 (thanks in part to the Week 1 forfeit).

Highlights and lowlights included:

- Clark, playing 1B, made a leaping stab on a liner.
- Chavez, playing 2B, made several solid defensive plays, and was error-free.
- Some guy named Mike filled in at SS and was positively ordinary.
- Moose booted two balls at 3B, one of which was with two outs and runners on 1st and 2d.
- Ewald (LF) made a nice running catch in foul territory, Tim (LC) had an over the shoulder grab, and Matt Stubbs (RC) absolutely laid-out for a brilliant catch. Hatch was involved, I think, in no defensive plays.
- Smitty (P) pitched very well, and walked no one. Huffman (C, and in khakis) had two plays at the plate, both throws were on the mark (from Tim), but a little late. Huffman grabbed both throws without incident, although he was bowled over on one.

- The offense was uninspiring. I don't think anyone had an extra base hit, and we routinely left runners on base.


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