Friday, April 06, 2007


Since I know that you're always dying for updates on the girls that I coached growing up, two of them made first-team all Cincinnati:

Maribeth Greis is a 6-2 center with a Musillo-sculpted baby hook. She's had a few NCAA D-1 offers, but hasn't accepted any of them yet.

Amanda Keehan is a 6-1 wing player with a sweet jumper (that I had NOTHING to do with) who just signed with WVU.

An Honorable mention was our point guard, Abby Ballman, from Mercy.


At Friday, April 06, 2007 11:38:00 AM, Blogger michael budelsky said...

Am I the only one mildly surprised that Moose somehow made it through half a dozen seasons of coaching those girls without being the subject of a Dateline episode: Girls Basketball Coach and Star Point Guard, In Love and On the Run?

In a related story, my cousin who is Andy Roddick's trainer (don't get him started on his ankle taping and groin massaging stories), also used to coach the girl's JV basketball team at Mariemont. Who is he now dating? None other than a former player who is at least 12 years younger than he. I'm not sure whether to be disgusted or terribly impressed. They insist that they never got together until several years later when she moved back to Cincinnati after college. A likely story.

At Saturday, April 07, 2007 1:09:00 PM, Blogger Hammond Law Group LLC said...

I'll tell you what I'm impressed with -- Bud's use of "he" at the end of the second sentence of the second paragraph. To the ear it sounds like it should be "him"; although "he" is correct.

I hate the pronoun. It is my least favorite part of speech.


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