Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank God It's Over


I enjoy the Super Bowl, I really do, but 2 weeks of lead up time and a finite number of mildly-interesting stories really wears on you:
1. Peyton Manning not having won the big one. I really didn't have any strong football affinity for either team, but you better believe that I was rooting hard for the Colts to win so we could put this story to rest forever. Seriously, now that Peyton Manning won his championship and Barbaro has been laid to rest, I feel like I can finally move on with my life.
2. Rex Grossman getting trashed. The guy is an NFL quarterback, and the Bears have two other veterans on the depth chart. If he's so bad, how did he win the starting job, and why aren't the Bears using someone else? It all hinges on the offensive line, anyway.
3. A black head coach winning the Super Bowl. Or is it African-American? Seriously, can someone (Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jackson, anyone who might be qualified and willing to step up and make a decision) please figure out which term we are supposed to use. If anything, I'm embarrassed that the two black coaches thing was such a big story. To quote George Costanza, I really don't feel like I should be talking about this.
4. Let's just be glad that the Saints lost to the Bears. Can you imagine if New Orleans was in the Super Bowl? Hurricane Katrina, Reggie Bush, Archie Manning -- it's giving me a headache just thinking about it.

By the way, was anyone else worried that Prince was going to get electrocuted during the halftime show?


At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 2:32:00 PM, Blogger Hammond Law Group LLC said...

I'm totally on a diet from mainstream sports talk/writing. I don't visit ESPN.com more than once a month (I do go straight to Simmons' articles); I don't listen to sports-talk radio; I don't watch PTI or Best Damn Sports Show; I don't do anymore than skim the Enquirer and USA Today sports sections (and when I read them, I skip all the feature articles).

I do however visit a few websites that focus more on analyis and less on story-creation. My life is better for it and I enjoy the actual games a heck of a lot more.


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