Friday, September 08, 2006

Current Rankings

I like lists. I own three different copies of the "Book of Lists". I like to gossip and base opinions on things that are not necessarily true. So here is my current rankings of people from the Class of 98. There is no formula other than it is a Top Ten, so if you didn't make the cut you need to do more.
10)Eric Clark. Gets participation points for Fantasy Football and softball. Went to Opening Day and the tailgates. Losses points for not being in the Class of 98. Is planning on attending my poker night next Saturday.

9)Todd Calaway. I cannot rank myself any higher. For many reasons. (Baby Spice)

8)Michael Budelski. Gains points for procreating and writing this blog. Won tickets for Opening Day. Losses points for living in Seattle and leaving second base to #9. (Sporty Spice)

7)Susie Beamer. Lives closer than Bud.

6)Brian Ewald. Always a gamer for whatever. Still called Dr. Teeth. Loses points from everyone but me for hosting a World Cup party.

5)Tim Ammer. Gets points for finding Susie a boyfriend. Has planned numerous events that never happened. Also very good at being at events, just in a better spot than you. Red's game bleachers? Timmy is in View Level. Bengals game? Timmy is playing on the fifty yard line. Also part of his Condo Association Board. Not sure this matters. Loses points for being the worst euchre player ever.

4)Max Huffman. Professor. Has turned down jobs at Harvard and Yale to stay in Cincinnati. List's Madonna's as his favorite bar. Loses points for refusing to acknowledge that we lived together.

3)Bjorn Chavez. Easily spends more time playing poker than he does working. That's enough to get you to #3. Also has seen 80 of the AFI 100 Greatest Films ever. (Posh Spice)

2)Chris Musillo. I didn't want to rank him this high, but everyone would protest because he's such a "great guy". The great guy owns three cats, follows men's tennis very closely and has seen Madonna in concert ten times this year. Also gets points for running his own "Immigration Law" blog. Plays poker second to Bjorn and enjoys the company of men. (Ginger Spice)

1)Mike Bartish. Appeared on the Price Is Right. Valiently fought off gay rumors for close to a decade now. Single handedly made the first night of my bachelor party. Started YouTube craze. Loses points for only managing to call Scary Spice while watching "Wannabe".


At Friday, September 08, 2006 11:53:00 PM, Blogger UCLaw98 said...

How did I singlehandedly make the first night of your bachelor party? Do you mean I was the only law school guy to make it that night?

At Saturday, September 09, 2006 8:47:00 AM, Blogger UCLaw98 said...

It wasn't that. It was that you somehow managed to find a hole in the wall bar in Chelsea MI, wait for us, and when we got there drunk off our ass you joined in seemlessly. Made my night.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006 8:29:00 AM, Blogger UCLaw98 said...

Dude: I had the fifth pick. There was no one else left. Plus, seing that sporty spice is now fat, it had to be a better pick that Lil Bud.

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 6:55:00 PM, Blogger michael budelsky said...

I am still bitter that Todd somehow got Baby Spice ahead of me.


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