Friday, January 05, 2007

New Stage of Manhood - Vasectomy

With my third due in May (a girl), I am on the cusp of a new stage in life. Should I follow in the footsteps of me dear ol' dad?

Now, aside from perhaps Clark, I know NONE OF YOU have considered the thought and are shivering and shuddering just reading the words. So, why bring it here?

Because it brought a high-definition, techni-colored, super-charged thought to my mind: A vasectomy party in Vegas! Perhaps because partypoker shut me down, I can match anything with poker. There are plenty of qualified physicians in Reno and Vegas. So, who's in?

OK, I can't make it to Vegas. BUT, I can make it to Argosy or Belterra so long as I have a pre-planned pretextual business trip. Perhaps a ruse involving some cow-town type of litigation (i.e. did the cow jump in front of the car or vice versa). BUT, no way I'm letting some Indiana quack touch my sack.


At Friday, January 05, 2007 3:22:00 PM, Blogger michael budelsky said...

Congrats on #3, Monty! (I assume this was Monty, unless Huffman has some illegitimate brood back in Alaska) Oh, you are not the only one who has contemplated the big V. What scares me most is a surprise 10 years from now. I want my midlife crisis to involve fast cars and flight attendants (just kidding, Alison), not poopy diapers.

I tell you what, Monty, in 8-9 years well hop in my Porsche and road trip to Vegas where we can gamble, get snipped and pick up a couple of cocktail waitresses. You in?

By the way, if you add any more, Monty, I'm afraid that Cincinnati ordinances mandate that you move back to the West Side.

At Friday, January 05, 2007 4:24:00 PM, Blogger Montyesq said...

Thanks, Bud. I've already moved back to the West Side, my friend. I was facing serious charges related to the Ordinance...

And, btw, in 8-9 years, Nate will be 12-13, so I'll already be teaching him to fold AA pre-flop, but lead out on 78 suited as often as you can. So, he & I will meet you in Vegas in the family van...which I just bought.

At Friday, January 05, 2007 9:58:00 PM, Blogger UCLaw98 said...

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At Friday, January 05, 2007 10:00:00 PM, Blogger UCLaw98 said...

How many times do we have to hear a veiled reference to Budelsky's night with the flight attendants? Moose, Bjorn and I have heard the story about 20 times. I can't even fly on Continental because of the possibility of one of Bud's stewardesses handing me a drink. I still don't believe it really happened.

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